Your people are our mission.

Whether you are a construction company, a manufacturer, or an insurer, your core competency is in delivering your products and services – not in mitigating risk. Protecting your people – now and in the future – is what we do best, and we do it every day, without reservation.

We're Barragan Corp International.

Our commitment to a safe work environment, coupled with proven loss control services, has made us one of the premier safety and risk management firms in the nation.

  • Veteran-owned and operated

    Founded by a retired Marine Corps Sergeant Major, BCI is staffed by 100% veterans – Marines and sailors. We are a group of people who have dedicated our lives to serving a cause bigger than ourselves.

  • We believe in partnership

    We’re dedicated to creating a safe environment, but we’re not the “safety police” and we’re not here to order your people around. We create shared accountability and best practices that make your team safer for the long term.

  • The mission is everything.

    Ask any BCI client and they’ll tell you that what sets BCI apart is that we stay fully engaged until the job is done. That’s what we call Safety Without Compromise.

  • We get results

    100% of our clients achieve a significant reduction in loss events, and we’ve helped clients throughout the nation improve their risk profile and reduce their experience modification rate (EMR), leading to greater profitability as well as a safer and happier team.

  • Integrity is our foundation

    Our business is built on mitigating risk for yours. Every BCI team member recognizes this responsibility and we put only the most proven and capable people into the field.

  • We create a “culture of safety”

    We don’t just watch over your team. We provide hands-on training that transforms your organization, making every team member accountable for their own safety and the safety of their co-workers from here on out.

    We have one mission: to ensure compliance with local, federal and state regulations and help employers and employees reduce on-the-job hazards and prevent injuries, illnesses, and deaths in the workplace. Find out more

    The BCI Story

    Creating a culture of safety in your workplace

    Through a quarter century of safety and risk management experience, we have seen industrial and construction organizations become too comfortable with their daily routines. Mishaps have become acceptable, contributing to an accident prone culture, resulting in organizational loss. At Barragan Corp International, as a Strategic Risk Management Company, we are committed to changing this culture.

    Who We Are

    A team of combat-tested and dedicated veterans committed to serving a cause bigger than ourselves.

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    What We Do

    We provide maintenance, safety and risk assessment, program design and development for environmental, general industry, manufacturing, construction, warehousing, government, health care, waste management, facilities management, transportation, and military bases.

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    Why Choose BCI

    When you partner with BCI, we’re not just there to sell you hours of service – we’re there to ensure you accomplish your mission safely. As veterans we are committed to seeing every mission through, and bringing the team home safely.

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    BCI Facts We are a veteran and minority-owned firm certified by SCMBDC.

    Our Leadership

    Barragan Corp International, A Strategic Risk Management Company safety and health specialists are experienced, well-trained professionals whose goals are to ensure compliance with local, federal, and state regulations and help employers and employees reduce on-the-job hazards and prevent injuries, illnesses, and deaths in the workplace.

    David F. Barragan

    David F. Barragan

    President & CEO

    David F. Barragan, President and CEO of Barragan Corp International, has over 30 years of safety experience in Strategic Risk Management.

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    Ralph Medina

    Ralph Medina

    Vice President, Construction Safety, Senior Occupational Safety and Health Specialist

    Mr. Medina possess over 20 years of Construction and General Industry safety experience.

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    Matt Hackett

    Matt Hackett

    Vice President, General Industry

    Matt is the Vice President of General Industry at Barragan Corp International in the field of Occupational Safety and Health.

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    Norma J. Hill-Artiga

    Norma J. Hill-Artiga

    Corporate Controller

    Norma is a proven financial manager and operational leader, helping ensure  financial stability and clarity for BCI and its partners.

    Trusted by leaders at all levels of industry and government

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