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COVID-19 Management

The COVID-19 pandemic has had unprecedented effects on businesses and organizations of all sizes around the world. BCI is here to help your business mitigate these effects, reopen safely, and get your people back to work while fully adhering to regulations and best practices.

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Construction Safety

Barragan Corp International provides safety and loss control services for construction projects at all scales; through an implementation plan that emphasizes training and continual communication.

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General Industry Safety

From inspecting production lines for fall risks or risky machinery, to assessing the ergonomics of workstations to prevent repetitive stress injuries, our experienced safety professionals locate the areas that need attention. We then provide the policies, training, and supervision to help your team perform their work safely and efficiently.

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Safety Assessments

Just as in a military mission, the first step in a safety engagement is to gather intelligence. To fully understand the environment, the risk factors, the personnel, and the goals of the project. We accomplish this by conducting an exhaustive review of every aspect of the project.

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Occupational Safety & Health (OSH)

To PREVENT occupational injuries and illnesses by anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and controlling occupational safety and health hazards is the goal of an OSH program.

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WE ANTICIPATE, RECOGNIZE, EVALUATE and CONTROL environmental factors or stresses arising in or from the workplace that may result in injury, illness, or impairment; or affect the well-being of workers and members of the community.

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Safety Training

Safety training and education is an absolute requirement and an investment that has long term measurable rewards.

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Captive Insurance Program Loss Control

Captive insurance is a popular strategy, particularly on large-scale projects. If you’re utilizing this approach, it’s vital that your organization partner with a top-tier safety team, as this strategy carries both greater advantages and greater risks than conventional insurance.

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What BCI Clients Say

We’re proud to work with senior leaders in municipalities, insurance, and government as well as top contractors and corporations.

I’m an insurance broker in the property and casualty industry. We were having problems with the prior third party administrator and loss control teams. Then BCI came in, and their approach was methodical, consistent and effective.

BCI learns about the client’s business, and they develop loss control based on real observation. I think their military training helps them quickly adapt to new circumstances and find effective solutions. As a Marine, when David has a goal, come hell or high water, he’s going to accomplish it. Who wouldn’t want somebody like that on their team, to protect their family wealth and to protect their employees?

By partnering with BCI, our captive is more profitable, because losses are contained – and we’re able to successfully attract new members.

Insurance Broker

As a staffing agency for light industry, we are the employer of record, which means we’re responsible for any accidents and injuries that may occur. BCI has helped us reduce accidents and injuries. This reduces our premiums and deductibles with our workers’ comp provider.

When consider bringing on a new client, BCI does a safety assessment. They provide us with a very, very detailed report, so we understand what type of safety culture this new client has.

A successful safety team sometimes has to change the client’s way of thinking. They have to change not only the way the employees work, but the way their supervisors manage. It’s a big job and BCI does it extraordinarily well.

While they have the military discipline and work extremely hard, they also listen and they respect the companies we do business with. They understand how to support the business as it tries to improve.

BCI also trains our onsite to be an extension of them. This creates a huge value for us – they help our onsite see the operation the way BCI does. BCI has really changed our safety culture as a company as well. Our partnership with BCI is a key way that we differentiate ourselves, and it helps us attract and retain the best possible clientele.

Staffing Agency Leader

I provide owner controlled insurance programs (OCIPs). So most of my clients are large public agencies.

BCI truly integrate with the safety teams of the contractors that are on site. They’re not the “safety police”, they’re really part of the team.

BCI’s team are extremely experienced. In large construction projects you often have situations that aren’t “in the book” – BCI’s team are sharp enough to find a great solution that helps get the work done while keeping everybody safe. Having a quality safety person on site helps the job move along and stay on schedule. It also helps keeps the job on budget, because when you have major safety events this not only destroys the morale of the entire project site, it also shuts the project site down while the investigation goes on. If we can keep losses lower than the expected rate, the owner ends up getting a pretty substantial chunk of money back. A successful OCIP outcome can save a client tens of millions of dollars. When owners get big chunks of money back, they tend to use me again!

When BCI is involved, there is definitely a positive impact on the project, and the projects they’ve worked on have significantly outperformed projects where they’re not involved.

BCI are great guys to work with. They’re consistent, they’re on point. You can see their background as former Marines in everything they do. They’re highly organized, regimented, and they get things done.

OCIP Leader

I’m a risk management consultant, representing owners of large construction projects in airports, universities, departments of transportation, and hospital organizations who implement owner-controlled insurance programs (OCIPs). I always recommend they hire their own safety team, in addition to the team provided by the insurance company. This is the key to making these programs financially successful. BCI has been my first choice for safety for over 14 years.The BCI team live and breathe safety, and they do it by building relationships. They make friends with the crew, they collaborate and build respect, they teach best practices, and they abate risk at the spot. If a claim happens, they’ll send out an incident report and stay engaged throughout the claim to ensure any risk is minimized. And the communication is fabulous.

Having BCI in place helps me keep my finger on the pulse of what’s going on out there. That’s what makes BCI different – other safety people don’t do that, they’re just keeping a checklist without any ownership or accountability.

My clients hire me to oversee their project and assure them it’s going to go well. That’s why I use BCI on every project where I can, because when they’re involved, it goes well.

95% of my business is word of mouth, so reputation is very, very, very important to me, and partnering with BCI protects not just my clients, not just their workers, but my reputation in the industry as well.

Risk Management Consultant

I’m a captive insurance consultant; I’ve been in the insurance industry for about 37 years, and today I put captive insurance companies together on behalf of major companies. These are companies so large that it makes sense for them to launch their own insurance company that they own, to reduce costs and give them more control.

When a company owns their own captive, good loss control is essential, helping them retain more underwriting profits. That’s where BCI comes in.

The BCI team are a perfect fit for my captives, because they truly understand that when a captive has a claim, that captive is spending the parent company’s dollars. They walk into a building or into an office or into a facility and they’re trained to see things like that that the average person isn’t going to notice – small details that can lead to big losses if they’re not handled.

You can see the military training in the way BCI operates. They show up early, they over-communicate, they provide documentation for everything that they do.

The team at BCI do what they say they will. And they’ve improved loss ratios on my most difficult, challenging accounts. For example on one account they were able to reduce the losses in the first year by 30-40%. And then in the second year and third year, they just continued to improve.

They have a very strategic approach to the problem. They carefully study the operation and the loss history and recommend approaches that will directly address root causes; and their work ethic can’t be matched. I honestly won’t use any other loss control firm if I have the choice.

Captive Insurance Leader