Freddie Feliciano

Vice President of Business Development

Freddie Photo

Freddie is an accomplished safety leader, trainer and executive with extensive experience in the field as well as the classroom. Before joining the BCI team in 2017, Freddie served 24 years in the Armed Forces: 3 years in the US Army and 21 years with the US Navy, where he served as the Safety Chief for several commands throughout the globe, earning multiple awards for his leadership across numerous campaigns.

Freddie currently serves as the Business Development Manager for BCI, where he works in partnership with our clients to deliver effective safety solutions. Whether partnering with staffing or insurance companies on behalf of their clients, or working directly with industry and manufacturers, Freddie is committed to delivering results that not only improve safety but also support the bottom line of the business.

Freddie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Workforce Education and Curriculum Development as well as two Master’s degrees in Human Resources and Information Systems Security. He is an authorized Occupational Safety and Health Outreach Instructor for both general industry and the construction industry, certified by the University of California San Diego in Federal OSHA Standards.