Los Angeles, CA


The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

Project Lead

David Barragan



Project Value



26 sub-contractors, daily workforce of 300

Few projects could be more high-profile than an 11 acre, $1.5 billion museum launched by film icon George Lucas. The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will be located in Exposition Park in Los Angeles, CA; and will hold paintings, photography, illustration, cinematic art and digital art from Lucas’s personal collection, as well as a Star Wars exhibit.

To ensure that construction on this historic venue takes place safely – and swiftly – the project team tapped BCI to provide its three phased safety approach, including implementing industry-leading COVID-19 mitigtaion measures.

In the construction business, as in most others, time is money. So when LA County required a shutdown of all construction projects pending COVID-19 remediation, the builders on the Lucas Museum had a big challenge: how to get their crew back to work safely and without completely compromising their timelines.

That’s where BCI stepped in. We worked hand in hand with the general contractor to create a comprehensive plan for execution. We then provided the training and on-site supervision to ensure compliance across all contractor staff and third parties on the site. Importantly, the general contractor placed trust in BCI to have the authority to fully enforce COVID protocols, including the ability to suspend contractors who were out of compliance after a warning.

Where many contractors and businesses have implemented “window dressing” solutions for COVID such as signage, the Lucas Museum team wanted to ensure they were truly implementing a comprehensive plan to protect the team as well as the reputation of the contractors and the Lucas name. With such a public presence, it was critical that the construction project remain safe. That’s where BCI came in. Our comprehensive program and dedicated approach – where accomplishing the mission is everything – made BCI the only viable choice.

And the results of this approach?

With 26 sub-contractors on site and a daily workforce of over 300 people, there have been no lost time or recordable incidents on the project. Aside from minor first aid, the project has been fully accident-free. With those results, it sounds like the Force has been with them – or maybe it’s just the dedicated work of our BCI team.